KIFF 2011

KIFF 2011


Kiff means the philosophy of quality inspired by the passion to create and produce. This is the place where all designers and architects from Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and other regions get inspiration for their masterpieces.

Forum got its recognition by the Global Association of the Exhibition  Industry and received the highest grade from the legends of European design Massimo Papiri, Paolo Portoghesi, Garold V.Gresser.

В2В event: business promotion, sales increasing, effective business cooperation. The most resonant events – “The Best Furniture of Ukraine” and “Future Interior” contests that shape the taste of creativity and shows emotions of materials.

Forum has become the attraction center for ideas and innovations, createв its own “design-library”, united like-minded personsс for whom the creativity and talent are the style of living.

The large-scale construction, infrastructure preparation and objects development that are connected with holding of EURO 2012 give appreciable push to the furniture industry. For the first six months the growth of industrial production rate in Ukraine has grown on 12,6%, the volume of goods and services export – on 23,5%, import – on 18,5% that indicates the economics improvement in Ukraine.



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